About the Whitetail Underdogs

A Pennsylvania hunting team?! Not only are we the new guys in the industry, but we're hunting PA, therefore, we are Whitetail Underdogs!

It's the kind of whitetail action the average Joe can expect in Eastern Pennsylvania Ė and that ainít half bad. This is hunting with no fences, no expensive leases, no intensively managed trophy properties. Just the best a group of local boys can do by putting in their time.

We love to hunt and we love to share it with you!

Our show 'The Drive' currently airs on RCN TV4 Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays at 5:30pm, Thursdays at 3:30pm and Saturdays at 4:30pm. You can also catch us on Root Sports/DirectTV Channel 576 every Sunday at 8:30am. Episodes of 'The Drive' are available online as well.
The Whitetail Underdogs are:
Craig Boushell, Jason Young, Mark Davis and Jeff Norman.
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