“It's the kind of hunting action the average Joe can expect in Pennsylvania – and that ain’t half bad. This is hunting with no fences, no expensive leases, and no intensively managed trophy properties. Just the best a group of local boys can do by putting in their time.”

The Whitetail Underdogs were founded in part by owner Craig Boushell. Simple beginnings had a group of friends venturing out into the woods in order to preserve that special time on film so that one day they could re-live those memories. What started out as an idea for a group of friends to preserve their hunting adventures quickly blossomed into the Whitetail Underdogs. We wanted to bring our brand of Pennsylvania hunting to as many others as we could. We wanted to showcase what an average hunter working a 9-5 can relate to. “It's the kind of whitetail action the average Joe can expect in Pennsylvania – and that ain’t half bad. There are plenty of shows out there today that depict those once in a lifetime hunts with the stars passing on bucks the average hunter only dreams about harvesting. We like those show too, but that’s not what we’re about.
In order to share our vision and passion with others we started a website and began posting our videos online to various social media pages. It was all new to us and we were learning as we went. As our popularity grew we began to reach out to industry manufacturers and were able to secure various levels of sponsorship from some very popular names.  Eventually we had accumulated enough footage to release our first DVD. 1 DVD became 2 and 2 became 3. We enjoyed modest success with our DVDs, but most of our success has come from social media. We are continually trying to use these outlets to grow our name. As the industry’s landscape continues to evolve, we have tried to keep moving forward as well.
We’ve gone through some changes over the years. Some friends have moved on and new friends have come aboard. In 2013 our show ‘The Drive’ debuted on 2 local cable networks (RCN & Service Electric) in Pennsylvania. In 2014, we were very excited to take our show to the next level with Root Sports carried by DirectTV, Dish and various other cable provider throughout their markets. As we continue to progress we strive to remember our vision, “It's the kind of whitetail action the average Joe can expect”. Most of our hunting is still done in Pennsylvania, but we’ve been able to branch out as new pro-staff join our ranks and new opportunities present themselves.

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The Whitetail Underdogs are:
Craig Boushell, Jeff Norman, Gregg Norman, Cameron McCluster
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